Finger print scanners

So am I the only one out there frustrated by the technology of the on screen finger print scanner? Coming from previous phones like the V30 and Note 9, I really liked having it on the back and NOT on the screen. Now my Oneplus 8, which is the first phone I have had to use one in screen, isn’t too bad.

My major gripe for the most part is the fact that you can’t find good cases anymore with built in screen protectors due to the finger print scanner and it really irritates me. It’s not really an issue with a flat screen, but if you have a phone like the Note 10 plus like I got recently that you want a case built into the screen.. you are pretty much out of luck. Due to the curve of the screen, I much prefer a built in screen protector. I was only able to find youmaker cases that had one built in and even then, it has an annoying little globby circle where the reader is supposed to be.

My given impression is though that Samsung uses a different technology for the on screen reader? Ultrasonic? Because it hasn’t been an issue with the Oneplus 8 that I have as I have found many different cases where they have the built in screen protector, but evidently I believe they use an "optical," technology for there’s. Whatever that means.

Is there anyone else out there feeling my pain? This is the reason why they would just keep the finger print reader on the back or the side. Or companies should include the option to use the built in screen protector or not. Poetic sometimes does this as I have tried the case for the OP8 and you get frames for both a built in screen protector version or one without it.

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