First few hours with the flip

I thought I’d give an immediate review rather than try it for a week or two and then post one. Because immediately we usually expect certain things from our new toys. Here is my new flip beside my Note 10+ for comparison.
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  • Immediately the size of it, folded up is so much nicer than carrying around the 10+. We are so used to making arrangements for these larger phones that we don’t pay any attention to it anymore. Sure, just sit it here, or do this or that and it’ll be fine. But really, just folding your phone in half and sticking it in your jeans pocket…that’s right on.
  • The camera is NOWHERE as good as my Note 10+. It’s a 12 and it takes decent pix. But you have to digital zoom if you want to get some good closeups. It’ll do, but when you’re used to making some amazing photos with the Note, well..something has to give here with the Flip.

  • Dual speakers…you can’t have a rave to it, but you’ll find yourself needing to turn it down.

  • Lots of customizing available, but really, I’m just using this as a minimalistic attempt. I didnt’ bring anything over from my old phone except my contacts and documents. I’ve became an e-clutter packrat. I spent a little time customizing it mainly to get that ginormous flower off the background.

  • I LOVE that you can sit it up like a little laptop and use it.

  • It makes phone calls and texts like any other phone. nothing to say there.

  • Battery life, it’s not fair to say anything yet because a few hours just gets it going good. it’ll take a few days for the phone to learn my habits. But I can say that I don’t see anything yet that shakes me up about a bad battery.
  • Crease? what crease
  • It is hard to explain but I found myself just not paying much attention to my cellphone. It’s ‘off’. Closed. Incommunicado. Not lying there like a puppy waiting to be picked up and oogled. Yes, you get those notifications on the front screen that you can see and swipe away. Open it up and tend to em if it’s important. If it’s Bob saying he just caught a fish, then Bob can wait. That front screen is very handy. some may want a bigger one where they can reply and order Waitr, but for me I like the size of the front screen. Gets the point across easily.
    I don’t care about needing to reply that badly. If I do, I’ll just open the phone and do it there like we always did.

  • Scrolling is incredibly smoothe…downright sexy, even.
  • Fingerprint (on the side now) and facial recognition are spot-on perfect and super quick.

Just some notes for the first few hours. I really like this phone, I expect I’ll keep it but you never know. What I DO know is this is NOT a phone for a ‘power user’. You’d waste your time and money and effort getting something to fold in half. And you’d enjoy the better zoom camera. This camera is ok, but it’s not what the others are now. But then again?
What are we doing with these literally millions of pictures we’re collecting. Nothing. Maybe a few, but I have more pictures of my granddaughter on my Note doing nothing but breathing. I love them, but in reality, there are so many, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack to find the one you’re looking for. we just snap, snap and snap now.

I will finish by saying the wife and I went out for dinner. After dinner, I pocketed the hip zip. It was nice to not have to take it out and lie it somewhere in the vehicle. Whereby, I’ll undoubtedly pick it up if it rattles or makes a noise or just lies there looking needy like it needs me to touch it.

Today’s alerts/notifications/bings/bonks/shakes and constant cell phones connectivity (audibly and visually) have elevated us all to being on-call 24-7 when we really?
Are just people.

Yes..I’m old. My first phone was a bag phone. I’m getting in life where I don’t really care about the hues, contrast and hDD whatever.
I’m not getting paid to take and print pictures on my cellphone.

So it was nice not to have to accommodate the amazing Note 10+ brick in my jeans pocket. Just roll on. And it was nice to have a phone that appears that it’s ‘off’ when it’s closed.

I’m not knocking people that use their cellphones like a ventilator to keep them alive. I used to be that way. But, lately…I’ve grown to where I’d like a little less plates to juggle in my life.

For the first time in IDK when..I drove all the way home and didn’t look at my cell phone at all because it was bent in half and resting very comfortably in the pocket of my blue jeans out of sight and out of mind.

And guess what…

Nobody died because I didn’t check my cellphone like I used to feel compelled to do at the redlight when it was lying there looking all lonely and needy in the console like one of Jack’s painted French girls.

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