First impressions of my Watch 4

I’ve had the watch for a couple of days and overall like it. I got the watch 4 40mm GPS. I traded in my Gear S3 Classic 46mm and got $80 for it from Samsung.

The biggest disappointment is the battery life. With my Gear S3 Classic, I would get about two and a half days on a charge. Not so much with the watch 4. I’ve been getting just a little more than 24 hours. I’ve turned off the blood oxygen nighttime monitoring to see if that makes any difference.

The other disappointment for me is the choices for watch faces. IMHO, they just suck! I’ve found one that is just barely acceptable. I’m hoping as time goes on we’ll see a larger selection and a better selection.

On the bright side, I really love the responsiveness. Notifications from the phone via Bluetooth are nearly instantaneous. The clarity and brightness of the face are incredible. I’m also quite impressed with the functionality of some apps on the watch. Way more functional than the Gear S3 Classic.

Also, setting up the Pay app was quite a chore with the latest app update. Fortunately, a reviewer gave the steps to follow and I was able to get the app installed.

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