First time Flippin in the gym.

This phone is MADE for an active person, I’ve decided.
At 59, I’m pretty active.
Some notes I made this morning on cool down..

*Don’t fall out of your pocket on machines.
*No need to take it out and sit it somewhere because it’s too big in you gym shorts pocket.
*Minimum sway in your pocket when you run. My note 10 looked and felt like I had a small animal bouncing around in there when I ran with it in my gym shorts pocket.
*Music.. Wow… It’s Perfect to scroll thru a Playlist when you need to certain Metallica tunes to push thru your wireless earbuds to finish a set.
*Post workout selfie made so simple in flex mode on the counter.
*Notifications of important, later, things from people and reminders pop up. Just take it out and scroll left to see em. Clear em.. We can tend to those after gym. Nothing there that can’t wait. Back in the pocket and back to the sweat.
*Sweat? It’s waterproof. Boom. Problem solved.
*Need to make notes about your new hip flip to share here while you cool down? Flip, open up Keep and type just like you did on a larger brick phone that now looks huge in other people’s hands. And when they have to take it out of their pockets to do stuff because it’s so big. (dejavu)

You may get tired of my reviewing this phone. But it’s quite possibly a game-changer for a lot of people.
Is it perfect? Nope.
But then again, neither have any of my other phones been either.
But I will say this…

This phone is cool as hell.

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