First Time Fold “Crease” Impression

My new Fold 3 is the first time I ever seen a Fold in person, not even in a store did I ever see a 1 or a 2. And I have to say, I can’t believe all the people (whom probably never saw one in person either) whining about the crease. It is literally a non-thing. You can barely see it, and even running your finger across the thing, you can barely feel it.

My primary phone continues to be an iPhone, because I am invested in the ecosystem. But I always had an Android as a secondary, recently a Note 20, but the Fold has blown me away so far. I have an iPad, but even a Mini is not pocketable, like this thing is. I am seriously considering making the Fold my new primary. Depending on wht Apple does next month with the 13.

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