Fold 2 keeps freezing

Since the android 11 or whatever update, when I go to put a new theme on my phone from the Samsung theme store, my phone locks up. I can’t use notification bar and go to the power button, can’t use side buttons to turn it off or restart and even Bixby or Google won’t turn it off. I sometimes can get into my apps and sometimes I can get on sites like this. It is getting really annoying lol. And yes the the themes I’m using claim to work with android 11. It only does it when I change a theme. Has happened probably 5 times now. It took me awhile to do this post cause my keyboard kept freezing up. Every time it happens it lasts quite awhile. My phone been like this for 25 minutes now. Any thoughts? These are the times I miss having the option to take the battery out and put it back in. Lol.

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