FOTA is SKIPPING following firmwares and taking me to the very latest

Uk note 9 xenox So guys I’ve decided to update my note 9 I have stayed on pie one ui 1st dec patch for years,but decided I wanted to go onto android 10 first version then possibly go through all the next 17 updates trying them all untill I get to the very latest 2.5 update lol
So I went to fota update and it says update available and its 1st of dec 2019 version of android10 one ui 2.0,so I downloaded and installed used it for a day then decided to check for fota updates expecting the jan patch but it’s only offering to update to the April 2021 patch i think this will take my phone from the very very first version of android 10 1st dec 2019 with one ui 2.0 to the latest version 2.5 April 2021 patch

So what’s going on does Samsung remove all incremental updates from the server now,as I wanted to try one ui 2.1 and 2.3 but it seems they will only let you go to the very latest version now when did Samsung change this because I’m sure in the past you could update 1 version at a time using fota.but now it just skips all versions and takes you to the last one.

Looking on sam mobile I’ve missed a whopping 17 updates from making sure my phone wont update so I guess Samsung fota takes you to the latest version in 1 jump now as it will take hours to update to the newest fw .what do you guys think?

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