FPS vs Face Unlock

If it weren’t for having to wear masks for the past year, which would you prefer… a fingerprint scanner or Face Unlock?

I just switched back to my Pixel 4xl after using an iPhone SE (2020) since late June. I’m loving having the larger screen but find it is top heavy and find it a bit big for my hands and pockets so am thinking the smaller 6" screen would be just right. But another feature I am really loving is the reliability of the Face Unlock. I found the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone to be picky and it currently no longer likes my right thumb. (it happened before and I had to reprogram my thumb) I had a Pixel 2 and I don’t remember the sensor ever not liking my finger, at least not if it wasn’t wet. All this said, I’m really tempted to try the Pixel 5, but I’m just worried I will run into the same problems I’m having now with the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor.

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