[Free] [App] Armada Speed Test – Internet Speed Meter

Armada Speed Test shows your current internet speed in the status bar. The notification area shows a clean and unobtrusive notification displaying live upload/download speed and/or daily data/WiFi usage.

The application also captures your coverage as well as latency (ping) and jitter to show how good your connection is for real-time applications.

✔ Download test – how fast you can get data from the internet
✔ Upload test – how fast you can send data to the internet
✔ Measure the speed up to 3 GBPS
✔ Video Streaming Quality – quality/resolution of the viewed video
✔ Ping test – network delays test between device and internet
✔ Jitter test – a variation of the network delays
✔ One-click testing for checking upload and download speed

Download Armada Speed Test app on Google Play

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