[Free] [Game] [Beta] Numbers’ Land

A colorful puzzle game with numbers.

Move numbers on the playing field, creating combinations of numbers to earn points. Continuous chains of combinations increase the multiplier. More multiplier means more points. More points means better results. The better the result, the higher your rank in the world ranking.

In the current beta version, the following types of games are available to players:
– 100 moves. Get more points for 100 moves.
– 250 moves. Score more points for 250 moves.
– 5 minutes. Score more points in 5 minutes.
– 12 minutes. Score more points in 12 minutes.


Possible combinations:

1) Two numbers next to each other, which add up to 10.
1 + 9;
2 + 8;
3 + 7;
4 + 6;
5 + 5;

2) A chain of plates (at least 5) with the same meaning of numbers:
N + N + N + N + N;

Zero, which is next to the combinations, brings additional points.

In order to keep the value of the multiplier, it is necessary to collect a new combination of numbers in 3 moves from the moment of the previous combination.

Link to game page on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…sb.numbersLand

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