[FREE GAME] Brain Test: Can you solve it?

Brain Test is a brain workout game with a lot of levels which can relax and sharpen your brain and improves your abilities in a dynamic and engaging way.
Give your memory and mind a boost and get smarter by improving your abilities with this fun logical memory game.
Improve your skills with lots of brain training games and choose from multiple categories such as memory, logic, math, accuracy and much more.

Brain Test is packed with 35+ levels which test and improve your skills and abilities:
✓ Logic – different levels with a diversity of logic tests
✓ Math – with a variety of fun challenging levels, test and improve the math skills
✓ Accuracy – helps to increase accuracy
✓ Memory – if improving the memory means a lot of work, Brain Test is making this a lot easier
✓ Attention to details – each mini-game makes you more focused, increases your concentration, and makes you be more attentive to detail

By playing Brain Test – Can you solve It ?, you can:
👍 Get smarter
👍 Test your logic
👍 Train your mind
👍 Improve your memory
👍 Relax your brain
👍 Increase your focus, concentration, attention to details

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