[FREE GAME] Deadly Race

I want to introduce you to one of my Android games.

Your car’s brakes failed! The speed of the car is constantly growing. A normal ride on a busy highway turned into a real race for survival.
Hold on to the last. Drive as far as possible and show the skill of the rider. Avoid collisions with other cars and other obstacles encountered on the road and its edges. Each collision reduces the strength of your car to its complete destruction … The only way to slow down somewhat without damaging the car is to drive along sandy sections of the road.

Game Features:
– The choice of different cars with individual characteristics.
– Change the color of the car.
– Endless non-repeating track.
– Setting the method of driving.

Check it out on the playstore:

Deadly_Race_Eng1.png Deadly_Race_Eng2.png Deadly_Race_Eng3.png Deadly_Race_Eng4.png Deadly_Race_Eng7.png Deadly_Race_Eng6.png

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