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A thin line between truth and lies, victory and defeat.

It’s hard to be sure what you do not know exactly.. There is always truth and there is always a lie. And the line between truth and lies is always thin. But the rules of the game force one of the players to step over this line. Risk or caution? Logic or luck? Victory or defeat?

Truth or lie?

Four rivals. Four liars? Or four lucky ones? It’s time to check it out.

Hyper Liar’s Dice.
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Become a Liar’s dice master!
– Two game modes. One game or tournament.
– Exciting gameplay.
– Unpredictable rivals.
– Several levels of difficulty.
– Lots of rivals.

Liar’s dice is a classic game. Each player starts the game with 5 dice. The opponent’s dice are initially hidden. The players take turns making an assumption about how many dice with the same value all players have.

For instance:
First player: 1 x 5
Second player: 2 x 2
Third player: 2 x 4
Fourth player: 3 x 5
Fifth player: 4 x 4
First player: 5 x 5

Each next player must either increase the value or refute the statement of the previous player. The round is held until rebuttal, after which all players reveal their dice and the accuracy of the previous player’s statement is checked. The player who was wrong loses one dice. All dice values ​​are updated and the next round is played. The player who has lost all dice is eliminated from the game. The last player wins.

Link on Google Play: Hyper Liar’s Dice

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