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Hello everyone!

Have you ever been in situation, when you need to post to multiple accounts, and you needed to copy and paste your text over and over?
Or attach to every post the same images, so you will have the content distributed across multiple social media?
Let me propose to try free Android tool – TEB (stands for TellEverybody) https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?…token=Sqi8PYuh


Short description

TEB is the small application, which helps you to connect to such social media as VK, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram and post to your accounts in a one tap!
If you will need some additional accounts to be added, try the profiles feature, which allows creating the set of social media accounts united under single profile!
Also, if you ever needed to put your signature, which will be automatically added to every post, TEB allows to do that! Just go to settings and enable this feature, and you’re good to go!
And finally, if you needs some tweaks to your pictures before sending them to the networks, TEB allows you to edit them beforehand!

Go ahead and give it a try! 😉

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