[FREE][GAME] Ballsweeper Alpha Release


A Minesweeper Based Game Currently In Open Alpha. This Build Is To Test Features, Find Bugs, and Get Creative Feedback.

Control A Ball With Your Phones Gyroscope To Dodge Mines And Missiles Along The Way. Players Will Be Challenged With All Sorts Of Cubes And Traps In Order To Beat The Game. With The Objective To Find All The Mines And Activate All The Safe Cubes.

12 Levels (For Testing)
Sandbox Mode
Current Local Scores
Random Color Themes
4 Different Types of Movement Inputs

  • Phone Sensors
    Sensors & Virtual
    Screen Swiping
    Virtual Joysticks

Our Current Plans:
More Special Cubes
Player Buffs and De-Buffs
Save Game
Tons More Levels
Online Scores
Difficulty Balancing
Menu & HUD Overhaul

Your Phone May Not Be Able To Support Sensor Movement Input.

How To Play:

Google Playstore Link:

[email protected]

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