From iPhone 12 Pro

I am considering getting an S21 Ultra 256gb. I am 5 months into my iPhone 12 Pro. I owe $833 on it. If I were to move to the S21 ultra, what would be the best way to do it?

Can I sell my iPhone on eBay before it’s paid off through Verizon?

Do I have to pay it off before I sell it?

Should I go through Verizon, Samsung or another seller?

Any help on convincing the wife that this is a good idea as she’s on ios and deep into the ecosystem. I’m not at all. I mean we have the money in the bank to pay it off early and then sell it but I’m not sure she would go for it. Plus I have like 5 cases for it I would have to sell with it.

I just need some advice in how to talk to her about it as I made the switch back in October to come to ios and she was over the moon happy that I did. And now I’m wanting to return to Android.

Obviously I have to be convinced that this is what I want to do and I’ll have no problem talking to her about it. Maybe I just need to think about this for more than a day.

I know it will suck not having a phone to trade in as well so I’ll most likely be financing for 30 months. Which is fine.

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