from LGs to pixel 6…sooo many questions

hi everybody. i wanted a dual SIM phone for travel and have been testing out the iphone 13 (pro isn’t available) and now pixel 6. i have had LG phones for probably the last 5 years so i am quite familiar with android. but some things are different on the pixel. and i’m not sure if that’s a pixel thing or an android thing. but i thought i’d start by asking here…

1 the AOD is one of the main reasons i don’t think i can switch to iphone. on the LG it traveled around the screen. i don’t see that happening on this pixel 6. is that going to cause screen problems?

2 i am used to using buttons over gestures so i’ve turned them on in the system settings. on my LGs i could rearrange the buttons and also add a very handy button to pull down the notification screen. i don’t see that option on the pixel 6. am i missing it?

3 on the iphone i learned i could set a shortcut that would open a better photo app when i tapped the camera icon. can i do that on the pixel? (i am using nova launcher).

4 what’s up with my storage?? i’m no mathematician but it seems like 40-50GB are missing…


5? this is a new problem but i’ve only had the phone for 3 days and if it’s persistent we’ll have to part ways…since last night i’ve been seeing a lot of circular arrows every time i try to perform a task. is that like the dreaded spinning wheel on a mac? it began when i tried to unlock a lot of locked videos in the google photos app. did i break the processor??

i know this is a lot. any advice you can offer is appreciated. thank you so much!

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