Frustrating suggested apps

Android 11
When swiping up to get to the recent apps screen you are also presented with suggested apps. That list is curated HORRIBLY! It’s like the phone doesn’t even know what apps I’m using. On mine I have 3 apps I’ve opened ONCE, one app I use a couple times a day and one app that’s a duplicate of one of the first 3 (because I have a work profile so it gives me the personal and work profile versions).

I’d LOVE for this to return to what it used to be – apps that I open and use but are not on my home screen.

For example. I went for a walk last night. After my headphones connected to my phone I noticed that I did have a different app in there – GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, which I haven’t used in TWO MONTHS! I’m using Plex now. Another example – at least every other day I search for and open the Podcasts app, but do you think it shows up in that list of suggested apps? NOPE!

This space is a HUGE step back from what it used to be…

Not that it matters – I’m using a Pixel 2XL.


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