Galaxy A13 5G

Recently just released. Picked up prepaid AT&T 4/64 version A13 on special discount for 5G testing purposes.

Seems pretty good so far at MSRP $249 and even better at the $199 special. I don’t like as much as my Pixel 5a but then again the 4/64 version A13 is technically entry level and not a mid-tier offering.

I’m definitely a fan of base Android versus OEM modified so I prefer the 5a on that level as well. In all fairness though, it’s a great OEM experience from perspective of services and support. Reminds me of how Blackberry created a unique Android experience on top of base Android too.

Anyways, for anyone looking for a well supported entry level 5G device and you don’t want the higher price that require monthly payments, check it out.

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