Galaxy A51 SIM card is not from verizon

I’ll try to keep this simple. I had 2 S7’s with verizon, I ran the contract to the end and went on a standard plan. Got tired of a small screen. Bought 2 unlocked Galaxy’s from bestbuy, verizon did not like that, very nasty. Decided to switch back to T-Mobile, made things worse. I have an A51 and A52, they will not unlock one IMEI! They lied as before that it is unlocked. For months the run around. While investigating verizon says unlocked, T-Mobile checked the IMEI and it shows locked to verizon also Samsung checked and confirmed the same! Switched T-Mo SIM cards no good, I checked setting for service provider software version and the A51 it’s verizon! On the working correctly A52 it is T-Mo. Who is telling the truth? How do you get rid of verizon?

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