Galaxy Active 2 battery drain

So I posted to Samsung’s forums for help with the battery drain, and I get a private message the moderator deleted my battery drain thread and referred me to a old closed thread with the problem solved. except it’s not my problem and it’s not solved for me. I’m mad. And i couldn’t reply to that thread because it’s closed.…/990222#M17178

It seems the Samsung mods don’t want people discussing the battery drain issue. I made a new thread at Samsung Forums and I was contacted again from a diff mod who warned me of being banned if i keep making duplicate posts. But i can’t reply to the ones they already closed.
I’m don’t want to spend 10m mins rehashing the whole thread of mine that was deleted. but from July 2020 to May 2021 it lasted a whole day. But in early May it started needing charged twice a day but i have sent my watch in and had a new battery put in and it still drains fast since early May. After the newest update it has to be charged twice a day about every other day which is better then everyday like before but it’s still hit and miss when it lasts a whole day. And no I am not disabling bluetooth, wifi, and continuous heart rate, etc like the so called "solution" from the other thread. What’s the point of a smart watch when you dumb it down to save the battery?
anyone else here with the battery drain problem or issues with their mods deleted threads and not addressing the real issue?

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