Galaxy J3 Prime buggy

Hello. Newbie here. Pls assume I know next to nothing about my current J3 Prime or any other smartphone. Thank you.
Purchased: Late 2017 from MetroPCS
Model: SIM-J327T1
Version: Android 7.0
Storage/Used/Free: 16GB/10/6
Provider: Metro by T-Mobile
I have no issues with Metro, which I have used for the past 8 years. Excellent customer service and signal strength in all areas I frequent.
Not a heavy user. No gaming, occasional streaming. Otherwise, news, email, phone, text. Battery life seems fine.

Occasionally locks up or goes slow. Seems I’m having to run Device Maintenance more and more often lately. Once I do that and restart the phone, everything is fine, until a few days later when I have to do it again. Is there a more permanent fix, or is it just aging (like me)? I’m concerned about it conking out completely. Buying a new phone is an option, but as I’m on a fixed income, I’d like to get all the miles out of this one I can. Many thanks for your help.

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