Galaxy M31 Unlocked but no NFC functionality?


Hope someone can help me. I recently bought a new M31 phone. When I started it up I noticed that it was from Vietnam (I am in the UK). After going through the setup procedures I saw that there is physically no NFC option to enable on this device? Is this correct?

I have re-configured the firmware with Odin to the latest UK firmware, but still no NFC button has appeared.

Does this phone actually have no NFC, or is it still embedded within the hardware and just needs to be enabled somehow? If so, how would I do that?

Any help would be appreciated before I send the phone back.

Just to add, the carrier is now updated to BTU, but XXV is still there also. It is dual sim so now the service provider information reads BTU/BTU,BTU/XXV, where I think XXV denotes the actual country of manufacture.

Appreciate any help.


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