Galaxy S10 may have a virus.

My Galaxy S10 may have a virus that causes the phone to start playing some chime type music at around 5 am. When I stop it, it starts again after about 20 min. This continues until I turn the phone off. I tried to open my Bitdefender app but I got a message that it could not open the link to its page. I downloaded Kaspersky Security app & installed it. When I tried to activate it, I was told that it couldn’t open it. So I’m fairly sure that I have a virus of some kind.

I don’t like turning my phone off at nite, so I would like to know if anyone knows how I can get rid of this virus without doing a factory reset. I have lots of pics, music, apps, & contacts I don’t want to loose.

If anyone knows of any app that may be causing this, I would really appreciate knowing about them.


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