Galaxy S21 Ultra issue with recording sound via external mic

I experience problems using Rode Wireless Go II mic receiver connecting straight USBC to USBC on the phone. System designed for this.
But clipping, distortion, and terrible sound are the result. Called Rode and they report that the S21Ultra (specificially, not other Samsung models) has problems with external mic not only with Rode but with other brands also. They think that it has to do with the high resolution the Ultra is designed to receive versus whatever is sent from external mic sources.
I am discouraged because I specifically purchased the Rode Wireless GO II system to be able to record good audio, especially at any distance, that cannot be recorded without many undesired effects from the native mic on the Samsung.
Anyone know If this is being looked at by Samsung? (Rode says that the correction has to be from Samsung end, not the mic manufacturers).

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