Galaxy S5 won’t go passed the logo after Factory Reset , halp!

hi members . i have a Galaxy S5 and when i got it i did a Wipe Partition and Factory Reset. What happened next is i would get stuck at the animated Samsung logo. After many tries and fiddling i got it to go past the logo and it went to another screen (i think it was updating apps) then straight to the default S5 where i could use the phone as i pleased.

anyways i have been using it for about 7 days and i’ve been getting a error message for example (WIFI Analyzer stopped working) and it will only work if i delete the cache for that app. But it only works once then same error message.

i believe the OS has been corrupted due to using CCleaner and i have done a Factory Reset and Partition Clear , now i’m back at the start where it won’t go past the animated Samsung logo.

the first time i pressed random buttons and finally got past it but not now , does anyone know how i can get past the logo?

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