Galaxy S7 and Norton Password Manager issue

My Galaxy S7 updated Apps last week Norton Password Manager wants me to log in re-install? It did the same thing on my PC’s but I am able to get around it I just logged in to my Norton360 and hit the Password Manager extension and they both worked fine, but when trying to login on my Galaxy S7 I only get as far as entering my email and the next button is grey’d out going to help gets error message net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME in Playstore..
I tried Norton Support and they couldn’t figure it out elevated to level 2 tech support help tomorrow should get a call.

I tried this on my own… Cleared cache on Norton360, password manager and Playstore. restarted phone (still same issue)
I uninstalled Norton360 and Norton Password Manager restarted phone and reinstalled (still same issue)

Anything else I should try??

Running Android version 8.0.0
Samsung exp ver 9.0

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