Galaxy S7 Edge – charging problem

Bizarre problem started a few days ago and has been getting worse:

Phone shut off at 30% battery on Monday when plugged into my car and using Android Auto, which tends to make the phone hot as it is charging and running apps.

Turned it back on, it was at 0% and shut itself off immediately.

Charged overnight, the next morning it was fine and at 100%.

Yesterday and today I noticed the battery % was stuck at the same battery % and didn’t change, the entire day. Yesterday it read about 65% and today about 45%. I charged my phone yesterday at work on a different USB outlet and it charged totally fine.

I tried charging my phone when I got home during lunch, and it didn’t seem to take a charge – the battery % stayed the same again. So I tried a few different chargers, same issue. The phone DOES make a tone and show the charging icon, however. And if you use an app like accubattery it shows some trickle charge, but it mostly varies from between -500ma and +200ma.

So I did a factory reset on my phone, and when it restarted it said the battery was at 90%. Ok…

Then after I had finished installing all of my apps, the battery was at 60%. This is fine, it seems like the phone is behaving normally again. Great!

Wrong. I plugged it into charge, fired up accubattery and watched as it went from about 55% to 0% in 2 minutes while pulling +1,000ma. Then shut itself off.

I waited 5 minutes, turned it back on and now its at 60%. And drains about 1% every few minutes on idle. I booted it into safe mode, same damn thing

WTF is going on with my phone? I should note that I had a service center install a brand new battery last fall and it worked flawlessly until this week. Accubattery had rated it at 90% capacity for the past 8 months.

I need advice – should I go buy another battery, replace the USB port, or is the battery BMS system on the phone fried??? Help!

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