Galaxy S7 Unresponsive

How do you unscramble eggs? So…woke up to my GS7 unresponsive. Only thing seemingly active was the notifications blue light in the upper left hand corner. Without getting into too much detail, at this point I haven’t a clue… After reading this, that, the other, and trying one, two, three, and four button combinations of all shapes and sizes, somehow my phone said I have somehow switched to "custom settings," at least the screen said that and has an unlocked lock icon. Something, something, something "warning," if I remember correctly, that the boot has been blocked by security. And, actually, at this point, upon pressing any button, combination or not, the screen is just black with that blue light still showing. So, HELP!!! Oh, and upon plugging into a computer, nothing happens. Any of that help? Oh, and, HELP!!! Thanks!

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