Galaxy Wearable App – Frequent Disconnects

Since the latest update to the app (11/29/21), I have noticed frequent disconnects from the Galaxy Wearable app. This appears to happen randomly and even when I am only feet away from my phone.

I also noticed that even when connected, it takes a really long time for many of the settings pages to reflect current conditions on my watch. In particular, there are times when I go into the app to see the battery stats, and it takes up to a minute to load. Sometimes, it will not load at all unless I turn the watch on then back off.

I noticed that my battery life has taken a slight hit, with WiFi being the largest drain (Presumably from the frequent bluetooth disconnects).

Checking on the reviews on the play store, there are a lot of others experiencing the same since the latest update. (At least I am not alone).

Has anyone else on here noticed the same? If so, has anyone found a solution that does not involve a factory reset. Unlike the Tizen watches, the backup/restore function is pretty dismal on the watch 4. I assume it is because they are using google backup which does not work even half as well as the Samsung Cloud backups. You still have to reinstall all the apps that were not preloaded and find a way to restore data for anything that was not a text or call record.

I absolutely love the function of the watch itself and do not really have complaints about the battery. It is on par with the performance I was getting on the watch 3. The wearable app however is causing issues (and not just for the Watch 4 from what I read on the reviews on the play store)

Screenshot_20211207-105821_Galaxy Watch4 Plugin.jpg

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