Galaxy Z Fold3 5G – Samsung Gallery app sync problem with One Drive

Recently I have upgrade my phone from S21 ultra to Galaxy Z Fold3. On my S21 Ultra Samsung I use Gallery app where I have created albums for my pictures. I have setup OneDrive sync for all my albums, Camera, download, Screenshot. I was able to select what albums I want to sync in section "Albums to sync".
Now I can see all my albums and picture online in my Once drive. I setup my new Fold3 and all albums and pictures have been downloaded automatically from OneDrive.

My problem is that in the section "Albums to sync" I no longer can see all albums. Only available options are "Camera" and " Screenshots". I have tried to create new album as well but this is not shown in the Albums to sync.

Would anyone know how can I make all albums visible in the albums to sync please.

Many thanks

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