Gallery is now completely empty…

Go figure the issues arose after the latest update.

My gallery had all albums there, but when I went to open any of them, there were "no items".

The files are still on the phone, but absolutely no way to view them. On top of that, only a few apps can actually save photos/videos

Pictures/videos with the camera don’t save, screenshots don’t save (goes through the function but the mini pic at the bottom left tool bar is always white, tapping crop does nothing and will freeze the phone up for a bit)

Have already gone through files and deleted a .nomedia file that existed only in a temporary folder on a singls app. Have already cleared cache and data for the gallery app and tried rescanning media with several apps, and now there is nothing in the gallery at all.

The only way I can pull up an image or video is if I’m sending it to someone through facebook messenger, snapchat or texts. Tgat and google photos seems to have most images

Done what little I could to bring this issue up to samsung to no avail. Done all that I could do with files and what not. Everything is up to date. Considering that the volume issue with screenshots is back and the phone still freezes up, seems like they’re just adding problems that their updates a few months ago caused

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