[GAME] Throwing Knife


I want to introduce you to one of my Android games.

"Throwing Knife" is a knife throwing simulator for mobile target.

In the settings you can choose different knives and targets
In addition, you can adjust the direction and speed of moving targets.

The goal of the game is to get the most points.

How to play.
Touch the screen. Move your finger so that the tip of the blade moved to the location where you want to throw a knife. Remove your finger from the screen. Knife thrown.

The game uses colored target.
Points are added for hit:
Green + 1
Blue + 2
Red + 5
Yellow + 10
White – 25% of the score
When hit in the human game ends.

You are invited to hit the target of a certain color. If you do this, then you get an extra knife. This will allow you to make more shots and get more points.

Check it out on the playstore:

Screen2.jpg Screen3.jpg

Screen5.jpg Screen6.jpg

Screen4.jpg Screen1.jpg

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