Getting ‘Galaxy Store Emergency update’ message

I’m getting an ‘Emergency update’ message that comes as a push notification on my S9+. The notification looks like it’s coming from Galaxy store but it looks fishy to me..since the push notification is showing as an ‘Emergency update’.
I would like to know if anyone has ever gotten such a push notification message from Galaxy store to download an ‘Emergency update’ ?

Meanwhile, my S9+ has not been acting greatly. I’ve been receiving emails from yahoo in My yahoo email account that’s tied to my S9+ and the message says ‘click here to prevent attackers from stealing your information’. I just want to be careful on what to click on..
It also seems when I go online on my S9+ to view some sites or do my online activities, I’ll later be getting emails from folks pretending to represent the site I just viewed. And in the email, it’ll say things like ‘click here to get your reward or voucher, etc"..
So please help me by enlightening me on whether this ‘Emergency update’ request is a push notification you’ve ever seen on your S9+ and whether I should perform the update on my S9+?

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