Getting rid of all of my samsung gear…..

…and went to the darkside, APPLE! And I’m finding it isn’t so dark. I’ve been an avid android and specifically samsung user for many many years. My last apple was a, iphone 3gs. Since then I’ve bought every samsung flagship phone, tablet and watch every year. But since this pre order fiasco with the watch4, and samsungs abysmal customer support in canada, I was so soured on samsung, and even android itself at that point, I made the switch. Funny because I was super happy with my flip 3 and excited to get the watch4 but after multiple dealings and waste of an hour+ each time talking to samsungs joke of customer support trying to deal with my watch4 order, I actually felt quite scammed and icky every time I looked at or flipped open shiny my new phone. I still don’t have the watch4 I was promised on 5 separate dates and samsung has given me the runaround, not a single update email since they took my money, won”t allow me to cancel etc.

Sold my z flip 3, tab s6 and tab s7 both pending sale, and will be selling my s21, note 10+ and galaxy watch3. All to reimburse the iphone 13 pro max, apple watch and ipad pro that I am very much enjoying. And I’ve got to tell ya, apples implementation of everything is slick as hell. The night before I was planning to get my iphone I was literally panicked and worried I would hate apple and regret it. I’d already decided there’s no way am I ever giving a cent to samsung again though so I went ahead. After a week with ditching samsung and going all apple, its been a breath of fresh air and I wish I’d done this sooner.

I’ve never considered myself a fanboy of any particular brand or OS, but rather a fan of tech in general. Samsung makes great hardware, but treats its customers like complete shiit. And since samsungs ineptitude at valuing its customers forced me to try apple again, and I am actually grateful. Enough is enough. Samsungs attempt at creating an ecosystem like apple has created is actually an embarrassment in comparison.

….in before, apple fanboy comments, thread moved or deleted, apple sucks etc etc.

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