Ghost Touches, Dead Touchscreen Areas

My supervisor has a Samsung Galaxy Tab A that he got 2 years ago as a freebie from Verizon. He’s kept it in an otterbox since the day he got it and is sure that it has never gotten wet or been dropped.

A few weeks ago, he noticed that when he has it in landscape mode here is about a quarter inch strip all the way along the bottom of the tablet that doesn’t recognize touches anymore. If he turns it 180° the strip adjusts to the top of the screen. Around the same time he also started getting ghost touches. They are audible clicks as if he’s touched a link but it happens even when he’s not touching the screen.

He mentioned that about the same time he noticed these weird behaviors that he downloaded a new game but has never opened or played it. We’ve suggested that he uninstall the game to see if these behaviors disappear. If he does and they don’t, does anyone have any suggestions that might help? Unfortunately I don’t have the tablet in my hand so all I can do are pass on suggestions to him.

Thanks for your help!

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