GIFs first sent to Telegram keep coming back to my phone after deleted

There are these GIFs that I’ve sent to one of my contacts on Telegram and deleted them shortly after. Thing is, after I’ve deleted them, they came back to the phone files on this folder called "Telegram Documents".
I’ve deleted them many times from the folder directly and the folder, but they come back again and again. The GIFs themselves don’t show up on my gallery, with or without the ".nomedia" file on the folder, and the fun thing is they seem to be updated just when I look at the folder on the app. I took a screenshot of the file details at 9:49 A.M, and it shows that the file was last updated at 9:47 A.M (I don’t know how to send the screenshot here lmao).

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, can anyone lend me a helping hand on this issue?

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