GMail questions

This is probably nothing new to most of you who have been on Android for a long time, or have used the GMail app for a long time. Well, I’m really new to the GMail app and I’m finding it needlessly-confusing in the way it does things. EMail should be pretty straight forward and simple, but GMail seems to make it needlessly-convoluted and just weird.

1) What’s up with these "Promotion" emails? Are these ads? Does this just come with the territory when you use the GMail app?

2) Also, a lot of times, new email that goes into my ‘Primary’, for some reason also goes into "Important". I didn’t set it up to do that, it just did it on it’s own. ??

Anyway, I need to get into the Settings and see if I can understand things a bit better, and maybe change some of the Mail behaviors.

Comments, please … thanks!

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