Good Morning …. Plan on buying new phone on Black Friday

Hello everyone!

i hope you all have been well. I have not been to the site for a long time, but I will be coming back around to learn about the new phones.

Surely I will stick with Samsung. I am getting a new Verizon plan in two months. Finlly kicking the last person off my plan, yay!! So, I am going to go with the 5G Do More Unlimitted and get the 50 percent off my watch monthly fee.

I still have my Note 9 and I have my mom’s Note 9 back. Both paid for, yay. My mom could no longer use a cell phone. She has stroke dimensia. Anyway, I can trade hers in when I am ready.

Thinking Black Friday will get me the bsst deal. Not sure what is happening with the Note series. I have not been paying attention of late beause I had the beast of getting these two Note 9s paid off, drudged myself through poverty and had no way of getting any new phone.

Hopefully I am back but I don’t want a device payment. I have stashed $800 for a cash deal on the best device I can get for that money (up to $1,000 but hopefully not that much) because I don’t want a payment.

This morning I could have traded in my mom’s Note 9 and gotten the S21 ultra for $840. It says the Ultra has S pen support, buit no curved screen. Are curved screens gone? I could give on that feature, but for $850 I might as well wait. Both phones are still perfect and with two of the same phones, I was able to cancel my insurance.

Sooooo, I am not in a rush. Will be coming back here often to see what you fine folks have to say about the 21 and whatever is happening with the Note series. I would prefer to stay with the Note if possible. But if a Note is going to cost me $400 more, I may have to go with that 21 Ultra.

Thanks all! Missed you.

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