goodbye note series hello s series

while sitting at home on medical leave and after paying bills, I felt a bit deress and decided to do something for myself. I went to att and was looking at phones and looked at the black s21 ultra 5g 512gigs, then I looked at the trade in for my note 10+ which was 800 bucks. Thought to myself, that trade in will not last much longer and whats another 20 bucks a month for the next 36 months.

My fingers keep hitting the continue key or whatever key that took me to the shopping cart on its own. Next thing I knew I was on the screen congratulating me on the purchase and I will get it the first part of next week. Now I have something different to play with. 🙂 This is the first time I have been without a note phone since the original one. Maybe I could live without the stylus, microsd card, mst…oh god, what did I do!!!

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