Google Coral, and Google Apollo lake Chromebook

I’ve been removing the Google Apollo Lake Chromebook for a few months now, just did it again yesterday that has always shown up on my list of devices and never gives a security alert from Google or Chrome. Now I’ve stumbled onto a Google Coral, no network, it’s been registered since March 2020. I don’t own either of these, yes I read your threads and my phone is old, Moto e4 don’t laugh, after my strokes this is easy for me to use, but it’s not going to last much longer. I ran security checks yesterday after seeing massive data usages, and not being able to send text or emails because I was sending large amounts of sms files and did I want to still wait and send? The coral doesn’t show up as removed, or log in alerts,but I’ve also found removed apps and users file that just shows how much data was used. So since it’s definitely not a pixel phone that I own, oh yeah the help and support all shows help for pixel, now it makes sense. Can anyone help? Please?

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