Google Home not adding Brilliant smart Plug

I just bought a Brilliant wi-fi smart plug. I connected it to the wi-fi and the brilliant app on my phone, and can control it OK from phone.

When I come to add it into google home app on mobile, selecting add new device/I already have something set up and select "Brilliant Smart" the home app responds with "Brilliant smart is now linked to your google account" (or words to that effect)

When I go back to the Home front page, I was expecting to see "You have one device that is not placed into a room" at the bottom of the home screen, but there is no entry for the Brilliant smart plug I just added, only the 4 existing LifX lights and the google mini device showing

Restarted google mini, re launched home again on phone, but no sign of it

I recently added 4 LifX lights and they all could be added to rooms after they were linked to my Google account

Many thanks!

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