Google Maps navigation with screen off no longer works

When driving and using Google Maps navigation, I used to be able to turn off the screen via the power button (to prevent burn-in) but continue to receive audio real-time directions. I also used to be able to turn the screen back on just by pressing the power button, without being sent to the lock screen.

Now, however, when I turn off the screen after starting navigation, the navigate icon remains on the lock screen for about a minute, and during that time I continue to get voice navigation prompts; but then the icon disappears, the prompts stop, and if I press the power button, I have to unlock the phone before getting back to Maps–and after I do, I see that it is no longer in navigation mode. And this behavior occurs whether or not the phone is charging at the time.

I don’t know if it’s Maps or Android that has changed, but does anyone know of a setting that will restore the previous behavior? I don’t see one offhand.

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