Google Maps Won’t register movement

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Important Info
Phone: Galaxy S8 (Refurbished)
Condition: Decent (Crack on the back of the phone and scuffed up edges
Coverage: Mint (MVNO of Tmobile) 12G plan

Problem: I have had an off and on again problem with google maps. I put in an address, and it will show me where I am, and generally what direction my car is in, but when I move, it doesn’t keep track of my movements. I have navigation enabled. If I end my navigation mode and reenter it again, it updates my location, however I encounter the same issue. I’ve tried a factory reset, and , although it helped fix an error with the gyroscopic system I was having at the time, google maps still won’t update my location. I rely on maps to get around alot of the time, so this is a really important fix for me. It doesn’t seem to me to be an issue with data. I can stream yt and spotify in the car no problem. It only is an issue when I use maps. Any help would be appreciated!


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