Google Pay stopping to work randomly

Google Pay works about 50 % of the time.

I can pay in a restaurant and a store in the middle of the day just not to be able to withdraw money from ATM the same day afternoon. Yet the I can withdraw money and pay in a shop the next morning … just not to be able to pay for food a few hour slater.

When Google Pay works, it works flawless and the confirmation from both the terminal and Google is immediate. When it doesn’t work there is no response from the terminal. No error messages, just nothing happens. Doesn’t matter if I just unlock my phone or go into the Google Pay app.

Nfc is always on, google pay is my main payment method, battery saving for google pay is off and when I click on the "set up contactless payments" everything is checked ok.

Factory reset didn’t help. Restart doesn’t help.

It just sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Even on the same terminal.

My phone is Nokia 5.4. Help please?

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