Google Pixel 6/Pro

We have to talk about this. Guys! Is this really happening? I really do hope everything in this leak turns out to be true. This would finally be the first time we saw Google combining hardware with software when it comes to the cameras. Speaking of cameras, at a rumored 48mp 5X telephoto, I’m wondering if this is the same telephoto lens used in the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. If so, with Google’s processing prowess and computational photography, this is looking to be the phone camera of the year. I really don’t see anyone competing with Google if they are finally trying for once. I’ve always felt that Google took the cheap way out recycling old camera hardware and switching out the telephoto and ultrawide lenses. The only thing I’m disappointed with so far is that they chose not to include the telephoto lens on the smaller 6 which is my preferred size. However, I plan on getting the bigger Pro. This fall is gonna be tons of fun.…d-pixel-6-pro/

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