Google Pixel Stand (2nd generation)

I’ve been using my new Pixel Stand and I have some observations. The new stand is advertised to wirelessly charge with the same power you’d expect from a wired charger. The stand comes with the same 30-watt charger I purchased for my Pixel 6 Pro.

The stand charges my P6Pro in the same amount of time as my wired 30-watt charger. My experience has always been that wireless chargers were much slower than wired charging. This is not the case with the new stand.

My most important observation is that when charging on this stand, my P6Pro doesn’t heat up. On the original Pixel stand my phone would heat up quite noticeably. Physically the vertical portion of the stand is not flat like the old stand. It has a scooped shape allowing air flow from the open bottom to the top. The inductive charging principle is undoubtably the same, so the difference must be the scooped back allowing free air flow.

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