Google Play Apps will NOT Update!

As of a couple of days ago, I can not get my Google Play apps to update anymore. What happens is that if you select to Update one app or Update All, it starts the process like it’s going to update, and then just stops. Then if you click on Update again, absolutely nothing happens. If you click on an individual app in the pending apps to update list, then click update, it just says ‘pending’ forever.

I’ve tried every single troubleshooting step/known fix that there is from all the research I’ve done. Yes, I cleared all of my data/cache, uninstalled updates, set my apps to update on any network. I even updated the app back to the newest version after I’ve uninstalled updates, etc, etc, and nothing works, the same issue. Here is a good article that lists many of the steps I’ve tried:

I’ve NEVER had an issue with my Google Play before. I’d appreciate any help if you know something else will work.


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