Google Play Services Virus Notification. What is Privacy NakedChat?

Hello all,

Two weeks ago when I looked at my phone, I had two notifications from Whatsapp and from my anti-virus app, AVL Pro. The notification from AVL Pro said it caught a Trojan on my device and when I clicked on the notification it mentioned it found one malicious threat: Google Play Services Privacy Nakedchat. I took a screenshot of it as well. I tried to look it up to see if I can find any information about it, but couldn’t really find anything. I hit uninstall, but since Google Play Services is a system app, it can’t uninstall anything. Just yesterday morning, when I ended a Whatsapp call, I got the same message from AVL Pro, that it was still installed on my phone sometime during the night. Everyone I talked to said to ignore it, but I am hoping someone on here might know what this is.

Screenshot_20211030-074923_AVL Pro.jpg

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