Google/Samsung syncing question

Galaxy S21

Not sure if this is possible or not. On my Galaxy S21, I try to use Google apps wherever possible – the big ones being Calendar, Contacts, and Messages. Not that the Samsung apps are bad, they’re usable, but I just find the Google apps to be more polished overall. Here’s what I’m trying to figure out. Basically, I DON’T want my Samsung apps to sync with my Google apps (or more specifically, I guess it’s my Google account that they’re actually syncing with). Is there a way, in Settings, to make it so that apps like Samsung Calendar, Contacts, and Messages don’t sync with my Google account?

I know what you’re thinking, "what’s the big deal, why would you want to do that?". Well, it aggravates my OCD when it comes to keeping things simple, streamlined, and not confusing (as Samsung devices definitely can be – especially to someone who’s been on iOS the for the last 12 years). I’m not interested in using the Samsung Calendar/Contacts/Messages and I’d rather those apps just simply remain blank/empty and not "mirror" their Google app equivalents. I don’t want them to sync with my Google account in any way.

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